As Founder and Key Role on Enzymes and Microbes.

  • Founder/Chairman of PICO Technology, Ltd.
  • President of PICO Technology , Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  • President of BiOWiSH , Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  • President of PICO Technology , Ltd. (China)
  • President of Sichuan Kunmei Yiyuan Biotechnology , Ltd. (China)
  • President of Shandong Linyi Biotechnology , Ltd. (China)
  • Managing Director of BiOWiSH Technologies Thailand Co., Ltd.
  • Director of BiOWiSH Tecnologies Pty.(Australia)
  • Founder/Chairman of BiOWiSH Technologies Co., Ltd. (USA)
  • President of BiOWiSH International Co., Ltd.
  • President of SAMSON PICO Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  • Founder/Chairman of PYPP Co., Ltd.
  • Founder/Chairman of PICO (Shenzhen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Chairman of WISH WORLDWIDE Kommanditbolag (Sweden)
  • Chairman of PiCO Environmental Technology co., ltd. (Ireland)
  • Other International liaison for BiOWiSH and PICO Technology Companies